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We try to be very selective about the traits that future Wiebelhusky’s AKK will possess.  The things we look for are Personality, Build, and Markings.  Remember to write and ask about puppies, retired adults, the breed, or just to talk dogs.  We are here for the Klee Kai fancier.

ICE’s Kansarado Rio, Black/White Standard , Bi-Eyed (Blue and Brown)
Breeding Stud - Hopeful

Rio comes to us From our Dear Friends at ICE Alaskan Klee Kai in Colorado.
He is such a sweet boy who doesn’t believe in strangers.
We just love his personality and hope to have him in the show ring soon.
I don’t know how the judges will evaluate his structure with his whole back end wagging.

GRCH 'PR' Wiebelhusky's Jazzy, Gray/White, Standard Female, Double Blue Eyed
DOB:  20 Nov 2010
Retired From Breeding-Still Showing

Jazzy was born in our home, she's from Hunter and Reba. 
She's a beautiful little girl, she entertains us with her playing and throwing her little ball for herself
and pouncing on it all over the living room.  She's quite the talker too, she has a blast with all our
other AKK.  Jazzy and China have become fast friends!  She's very sweet & smart. 

'PR'  Wiebelhusky's Life of Rylee, Black/White, Miniature Female, Double Blue Eyed
DOB: 20 Dec 2016

Rylee is a daughter of our Angel and Grand Daughter of our Jazz. She's beautiful, very smart and very agile. 
She loves to play and gives us very intense looks as she sasses us. She already achieved Reserve Best
In MultiBreed Show Novice Puppy before she was 6 months old against 8 other pups. Very Proud of her.

'PR'  Pocket s Sweet Georgia Peach, Red/White, Standard Female, Double Green Eyed
DOB:  9 Dec 2018

Peaches is our gorgeous girl from Angela Davis of Pocket Huskies. Peaches is sweet and loving.
Gives me hugs all the time. She loves to play and zoom across the room and up and around the couch.
She's a beauty.  Has always been very mature for her age.  Thank you Angie for this sweet Peach.

Wiebelhusky’s Charlee Girl, Red/White, Standard Female, Double Blue Eyed
DOB:  24 Oct 2019

Charlee is one of our own, Angel saves the best from her last litter.
Charlee loves to play with toys and the other dogs, she’s growing up nicely.
She’s snuggly. Nice bone and straight front, she is a
breeding hopeful and we are very excited about her.

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