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Prospective Owner Questionnaire

(This is just to give us an idea of who our perspective AKK owners are)

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1) How did you hear about AKK?
2) What type of animals have you ever owned? *
3) Do you own dogs now?
If "yes", how many and what breeds?
Are your current dog(s) spayed or neutered?
Please explain if you answered "Some Spayed or Neutered."
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 All Spayed or Neutered    Some Spayed or Neutered    None Spayed or Neutered
4) Are you, or have you been, a dog breeder?
If so, when and which breeds?
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If you are a breeder of AKK or own unaltered AKK you will need to send us a copy of each of their pedigree’s along with clear view with 1 front and 1 side photo of each AKK, email photo’s are fine unless you have photo’s on a website then give us your web address instead of the photo’s)
5) What happened to the dogs/animals you no longer own? *
6) Which breeds/animals did you own that were not what you expected?
7) Which breeds/animals were you happy with?
8) If you have children, what are their ages? *
9) Have your children, or will your children be trained on proper treatment of a pet?  Yes    No *
10) What will be the primary quarters for your Alaskan Klee Kai? Many owners use a crate for training which the dog later uses as its little hideaway. *
11) Alaskan Klee Kai is an agile and intelligent dog, also can be a digger, runner, climber and jumper. Do you have a fenced yard or dog run?  Yes    No *
12) Would you be willing to take your AKK to Obedience Classes?  Yes    No *
13) Would you be willing to take your AKK with you whenever possible?  Yes    No *
14) Would you and your family spend much time with your AKK?  Yes    No *
15) How do you plan to socialize your AKK? *
16) Do you have any interest in breeding your AKK?  Yes    No *
17) Do you intend to spay/neuter your AKK?  Yes    No *
18) As a Breeder of AKK, I am doing my part to maintain the quality of my puppies and the breed, in general. Alaskan Klee Kai is a new and rare breed which is still being monitored. I would require that you report to me any genetic defects, health problems, temperament problems that may surface during the life of your AKK. In turn, I would notify the person(s) recording those things. This way we can work together for the good of the breed. Would you help in this area?  Yes    No *
19) What type of exercise do you plan for your AKK? *
20) What type of work do you do? *
21) Select the type of Dwelling where you live?

If OTHER please describe:
22) Please list any questions you have:
23) PREFERENCES: eg.. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sex: Male     Female
Coat Color: Gray & White     Black & White     Red & White
Size: Toy     Miniature     Standard
24) PERSONAL PREFERENCES: (Anything else you want to say or ask)


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